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Review - A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

I've finally read "A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms", which I knew I would like. I'm not going to give an extraordinarily long review here, because I think it can be easily boiled down to, "If you like George R. R. Martin, but want something slightly less girthy than A Song of Ice and Fire, this is the book for you."

The relationship between Ser Duncan the Tall and the young prince "Egg" is adorable to read about. In Duncan we get a good-hearted but uneducated knight, and when Egg joins up to become his squire, their adventures begin. They compliment each other nicely, and if you like "found family" types of tales with the family being rather like a sibling pairing, I think you'll enjoy this. The book is a trio of tales, each revolving around a singular event or time. I must say I didn't care for the middle tale anywhere near as much as the first and third, but neither was it horrible. Just a bit lackluster compared to the other two. Still, good stuff and I devoured it all within two sittings.

Five stars.

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