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My Happy Marriage Light Novels - Review

After watching the first few episodes of "My Happy Marriage" on Netflix, I went ahead and bought the first four light novels of the series. I wouldn't classify them as mind-bending literature. However, if you enjoyed the anime but don't want to wait around as the various episodes come out, I would definitely say that they are a great way to obtain more story. The author does do something that I don't like, which is to add in phrases like "Cough!" as something someone says, rather than just put, "So-and-so coughed." And they also add a lot of silences utilizing the fanfictiony "..." or "......." for longer silences. All in all, it could have used better editing, and felt about "good fanfiction" level. I definitely think they are charging too much for those light novels. 9 dollars a pop is outrageous. They should have been 2-3 for the length and quality. 3 out of 5 stars.

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