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Mirrors of Anathema

A new story has been added on Royal Road. Mirrors of Anathema is a short serial, added as an entry to the 2023 Royal Road Community Magazine contest. Check it out today!

Synopsis: Diminished by ancient curses, the realm of Anathema requires humans to ensure the survival of the Aesidhe. Humans are slaves, food, soldiers, and even breeding stock for the Aesidhe. Tyrnoth, a low-ranked Aesidhe, has dedicated himself to becoming a Mirror, one of the specialists who ventures into the human world to deal with humanity. Most of the Mirrors simply kidnap humans to bring them back to Anathema, but Tyrnoth has a vendetta against humans and wants instead to be assigned to kill troublesome humans that threaten Anathema's power. However, when he gets his chance, he might find that not all humans are as grotesque and ignorant as he imagined.

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