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About the Author

Zephyr Zane lives in a generally functioning house with a spouse who sometimes is a raptor in captivity, sometimes is an alpaca, and sometimes is a cat.  Together they often laugh until they cry.

Zephyr writes part time, generally in the genres of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and humor.   A book is currently in the works, which will be in the fantasy genre.  Zephyr's regular day job doesn't have much to do with writing, as it is in the information technology industry.  When not writing, Zephyr likes to play video games and listen to podcasts about odd things.  


Zephyr and Alpacaspouse do not own any pets.  They recently killed an aloe vera plant by accident, though it had survived a good year and a half.  It is survived by several spiders and some mold.  

Zephyr Zane

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